Quality is our main strategic factor


Recognizing the importance of quality for its activities, products and services, the possible environmental impacts for current and future generations and the scale of its risks to the safety and health of people and goods, the Management of Intellysmart Solutions, Lda assumes the commitment to develop in its company a management culture based on criteria of demand, effectiveness and continuous improvement of a management system in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), adapted to the organization and type of business which allows the appropriate framework to define, monitor and review the objectives and goals set, encouraging the participation of everybody and taking into account the real financial possibilities of the company.




Maintain favorable conditions in the different areas of work for the expression of new ideas and proposals for process improvement;


Meet the needs of the market and the customers by offering products and services that are consistent, safe, reliable, and a price/quality ratio that are fully satisfactory;


Establish agreements of work with partners, in order to provide flexibility, greater productivity and competitiveness to the services provided.


Comply with the requirements of the obligations applicable to the company (legal, regulatory, normative and others to which the organization subscribes);


Protect employees, preserve overall property and assets;


Promote the internalisation of a culture and values for Intellysmart Solutions that encourages the participation of everybody, in order to ensure continuous improvement in all its areas of operation.